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Fire extinguisher 2kg

Fire extinguisher 2 kg is used for fire-fighting of solid, liquid and gaseous substances (class A, B, C), as well as fighting a fire of electric installations under voltage up to 1000 V.

1 Volume (L)2,3+0,1
2 Capacity (Kg) 2,00+0,06
3 Total Weight (Kg)4,00
4 Temperature Range (°C) от -20 ° 50°
5 Working Pressure (Mpa) 1,4 +0,2
6 Fire Rating 1А/34В
7 height (mm)/diameter(mm) (h / d), мм350 /115
8 Dry chemical powder
ATTENTION: It is forbidden to place a fire extinguisher in direct sunlight, near heating devices, keep out of impacts, disassemble fire extinguisher by oneself. It is obligatory to provide maintains of fire extinguisher at service points in time. The information about service points is specified in fire extinguisher data sheet. It is necessary to read operating guide before using.

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